Artists Destructive Tendencies

Wild, explosive and rebellious, Destructive Tendencies are unquestionably one of Hardcore’s most esteemed acts. Hailing from The United Kingdom and armed with sonic weaponry, this iconic duo immediately marked their territory in Hardcore’s epicentre, The Netherlands. Their meteoric rise to prominence is impressive to say the least, as Destructive Tendencies have struck gold with their perceptible sound that consists of genre-defying relentless drive! Liable for creating some of Hardcore’s most renowned modern hits, these down-to-Earth lads have released iconic tunes such as “Sound Becomes One” with Partyraiser, the recent follow-up track "Sound Becomes Two," two collaborations with Angerfist, “Fortress of Solitude” and “Commandments” and their highly-acclaimed 2017 Masters of Hardcore anthem "The Skull Dynasty." Furthermore, the lively duo have worked alongside some of Hard Dance Music’s most renowned heavyweights, such as Radical Redemption, Warface, Frequencerz and have created official remixes for Da Tweekaz and Miss K8. 2018 has been a year of milestones for the duo, who have recently released their second solo album 'Beyond The Lights,' which is a body of work that captures the true essence of Destructive Tendencies through diverse productions spread out over an array of sounds. The ‘Beyond The Lights’ concept and its music were created with a profound and heartfelt message which Destructive Tendencies have been spreading with their fans during several exclusive album showcases! Moving beyond the lights to unveil the true meaning of Hardcore music, Destructive Tendencies will never cease to bring a genuine essence to the genre.