Artists Dj Firaga

DJ Firaga, aka Michael Kiriloff, was born in 1984 in Venezuela. After a few years, he left his homeland and moved to Belgium, where he discovered the psychedelic trance scene. In 2003 he started mixing the melodious and powerful sound of psytrance. And ever since this day, DJ Firaga dedicated his life to this colorful music scene. Except for spinning records, he’s also the owner of B2B Productions, a vibrant label that organizes the biggest indoor psytrance parties in Europe and abroad. Apart from indoor parties, B2B Productions is also part of the most magical outdoor festival, Tomorrowland, for over nine years and counting. DJ Firaga is known for his uplifting, melodious and dynamic sets. Nowadays he spends his time playing on the largest European parties and all over the world, along with the biggest names of the psytrance scene. Firaga chooses his gigs carefully, so he never fails to surprise his audience. 2016 is shaping to be a big year for Firaga, as he is introducing Antwerp to the very first psychedelic festival in history. But Firaga is also spreading his trance vibes through the rest of the world. Next up are Japan, Brazil and several other countries.