Donkong, the up and coming bass music artists from Germany gained a lot of international respect and support right from the start. Big players like Major Lazer, Steve Aoki and DJ Shadow played their tracks, that were released on labels around the globe (Punks Music, Play Me, Crispy Crust, Adapted). But Johannes and Thomas didn't come out of nowhere; they've been working with some of the most successful german singers like Xavier Naidoo and were credited with a platinum record for the music on Casper's "XOXO". Both started as individual bedroom producers 600 km distant from each other, as their taste of electronic music gravitated them. After joining forces in 2012, they instantly pushed genre boundaries. Combing their urban and electronic influences into an unique handwriting. Over 2 Million Spotify plays later their newest single „Animals“ shows how they balance musicality with well crafted sound design.