Artists DR. OZI

Since its inception, Dr. Ozi has been a driving force for Toronto-based producer Nix Chohan in all walks of life. What started as a figment of his childhood imagination grew to be a musical character never held down by expectations and helping it’s creator push past his comfort zone. Drawing inspiration from his roots in New Delhi, India, a classically trained mother, and punk-rock, the internet would eventually jump-start his fascination with the digitally birthed sound of dubstep. Fast forward years later to 2017, and Dr. Ozi can be seen as an ever-growing name in the bass world. Recognized and supported by tastemakers like Skrillex, Zomboy, Datsik, SKisM, Getter, Snails, Slander, Nero, Zomboy and Adventure Club, he’s steadily rising through the ranks and bringing a new wave of undeniably heavy yet sleek productions along with him for the ride. Showcasing his colorful and rich palette of sound designs, Dr. Ozi has released on some of the biggest bass labels in the world including Never Say Die, NSD: Black Label, Buygore, Firepower and Uplink Audio. Performing throughout North America, Europe, and Australia and supporting bass powerhouse Zomboy on the Rott N’ Roll tour, he’s continued to captivate live audiences through his energy and stage presence. A proud force and trademark of Toronto’s talent, Dr. Ozi will continue to push boundaries as he gears up to release his arsenal of new music in 2018.