Artists Gorovich

Meet GOROVICH (aka Nimrod), a gifted drummer, a visionary dreamer and a multi instrumentalist musician. Nimrod already started to follow his passion for the beat at the age of 9, and soon after he evolved to a band drummer of the Israeli rock-indie scene. At that point, Nimrod felt it's the right time to expand his horizons with more psychedelic funky leads, and became the psy trance act - 'Empirikal' (together with ‘Dekel'). While doing so, Nimrod got to know Eitan Rieter from 'LOUD', who helped him with his expirience and knowledge, eventually leading Nimrod to be the drummer of the LOUD Live Band shows. After a short run under the ‘Empirikal' name, Nimrod decided to develop his own solo alter ego - ‘GOROVICH’! GOROVICH brings an original psy trance expirience to the dancfloor, combined with rythems from all over the world, spiced with analog and modular synthesizers that lead to a full electro-hypnotic result. HOMmega records welcomed GOROVICH under its care and presented him with open arms to the global psychedelic trace family - soon to give birth to an outstanding debut album. Stay tuned for more tunes!