Artists Host: MC DL

MC DL discovered his love for electronic harder dance sounds after a period of writing and performing Dutch and English hip hop music and started his Hardstyle journey in 2006, where he picked up the mic at a local party for the very first time. After a couple of party's as a host MC and driven by good reactions, he was asked by Brennan Heart to be the host of the live formation called Blademasterz back in 2008 for some major festivals and indoor events. After this, the name MC DL was set for the future. Ever since the beginning of his adventure as a host MC, the love for Hardstyle music and untamed energy shined through every of his performance. He developed his own style of hosting in which timing and poetically bringing the right phrases are his key foundation. Combined with love for the music and being passionate every single second, he will make you enjoy moments to the full. Up until now MC DL rocked hundreds of (main)stages. From festival grounds, to indoor events, during night and days. That’s why MC DL is considered a superlative talent within the harder styles of dance music with a growing fan base, a fully booked agenda and a very welcome stage partner for performing DJ’s. Next to being a host, MC DL is also a writer and vocalist for top-notch producers. Harder style tracks have been produced and released on primary labels and his voice has been spread across the world. From storytelling to uplifting, MC DL knows how to find the right words to mark the outlines of music and makes you feel it from the outside in.