Artists Joe Egassy

Joe Prange was born in Luxembourg and raised in a small village close to the Belgian Border. As a child, he learned music theory and to play the trumpet. After a while, he got into djing and played his first public gig in the year of 2012. DJ Prange (2012 - 2016) In the beginning, he was known as DJ Prange. During this period, his gigs included mainly private events, mostly birthdays and weddings. He also played in a couple of bars and party venues. However, while growing older and with increased experience, he lost interest in the music styles and gigs he was playing. It was in summer 2016 that he was attending several music festivals, which inspired him to take a step forward in his DJ Career. Joe Egassy So during summer and autumn, he took the time to reconsider and slowly developed a new stage in his DJ career. He put aside all ideas he had in mind before and asked himself the important question: What do I really want to do? It took him several months to find the satisfying answer: Psytrance. Finally, in November 2016, he publicly announced that from now on, he would be known under the name of Joe Egassy. After the first couple of months of his new career - now playing in Luxemburgish clubs and on forest raves - he stared to develop his own style of mixing which is characterized by a broad variety of sounds coming from Progressive Psytrance into the faster domain of Full On.