Roland is a living legend in electronic dance music. His career begins in 1988 as a DJ at the innovative and now legendary RAVE CLUB in Cologne. Commercialisation soon creeps into Acid House, however, causing the decline of the scene and the eventual closure. As a logical progression from the old sound, a new era of dance music begins with the birth of Techno. The SPACE CLUB opens '90 in Cologne, with Roland as resident DJ, quickly becoming a part of the new movement and in '92 Roland moves to the WAREHOUSE in Cologne, where as a resident DJ, he mixes alongside the most prominent DJs of the scene and begins to develope an international reputation. During this year, he first begins to work on his own projects, releasing his first 12" "Feel The Speed" under EXETER on SPACEMATE RECORDINGS. In his own studio he records the now legendary 'Warehouse EP' on STRUCTURE and in addition to this, he becomes partner of the PSYCHO THRILL night at the Ballhaus in Bonn. After the closure of the WAREHOUSE in 1994, PSYCHO THRILL developes a huge cult and an unparalleled reputation and he releases the BILBERRY CURD 12" on Dave Clarke's MAGNETIC NORTH . Roland also works with legends of the Detroit/Chicago scenes, such as UNDERGROUND RESISTANCE, DERRICK MAY, DAVE CLARKE, IAN POOLEY and JEFF MILLS. Alongside his DJ activities, Roland steps up his own releases, including several on LABWORKS, under INTEGRATED CIRCUITS, followed by GHOST TRAX, his first full length CD. He releases tracks on COMMUNIQUE and HEAD IN THE CLOUDS as DAN EBEN and on JAKPOT as TROLLIN DWARF. In '96, Roland starts his own label, ESSENCE. Besides his own releases, the label is primarily set up as a forum for newcomers to the german Techno and Acid underground. In the course of the first year, thirteen 12" singles and the PSYCHO THRILL compilation are released to great critical acclaim. From '98 on, Roland releases countless 12" on labels such as FRISBEE TRACKS, JUNKFOOD RECORDS, EDEL RECORDS and A3C0I3D Tracks. Lots of international bookings such as Detroit and Chicago happen and are expressing the global respect for his works and he starts concentrating on his DJ career.