Artists SOUNIC

For quite some time now, Stefanie Schmöckel aka Sounic is active as a DJ focussed on the harder styles of dance music. Born near Karlsruhe (Germany), the 27 years old south German Hardstyle princess, who loves electronic dance music since she can think of; is performing frequently at several popular Clubs and Events mainly in South Germany. -Sounic- stands for dedication to hard dance music, an impeccable choice of records, and a piece of wickedness. This combination of entertainment and skills has proved to be an enormous success and made her by far one of the most popular female artists of the German scene, delivering her a huge -and ever growing- fanbase... Sounic's sets are energetic and never obvious. They are always having a variety of styles. You can expect every kind of Hardstyle sounds, wether melodic and euphoric or rough and raw. She knows how to have fun behind the decks and how to put a spell on her audience. The passion for music controls her life! Her journey has only just begun