With over two successful decades shared under their belts and bountiful amounts of successful albums, singles and compilation releases among themselves, internationally acclaimed producers, hard core Skazi and the hot & sassy MR.BLACK, join forces in their ultimate quest to take over the world. Ladies & Gentleman we would like to introduce the new musical outfit of Psy Trance legend & EDM Gangster : WARRIORS! One can explain this phenomena as having being influenced by the BIG FAT SOUND of electronic music cross-genre's. This is definitely a sound distend to be reviewed and studied at Harvard University.. No LeSs... WARRIORS bring MASSIVE new BIG SOUND to the dance floor. Both producers need no formal introduction.... Skazi is one of the leading Psy Trance acts roaming planet earth, basically a Psy Trance legend who has rocked and is continuously rocking planet earth and high scale open air festival and events. Mr. Black's discography is full of successful release supported by pretty much everyone with a say in the EDM & Dance music business. His latest collab was released on Hardwell's label Revealed Records and reached the no.2 spot on Beatport electro house chart. Together they are WARRIORS /// /// a two person commando OUTFIT... SET on a global mission to RAVE - PARTY - CONQUERE planet EARTH //