Events Chrome Cologne x Basswell, Lee Ann Roberts, Cloudy, Oposition, Golpe, uvm

Chrome Cologne x Basswell, Lee Ann Roberts, Cloudy, Oposition, Golpe, uvm
No time to cool down. We go hard again in June!

Lee Ann Roberts
Tanja Miju

2 Dancefloors
1 Darkroom/Playroom
New DJ Booth on both floors
Soundsystem by FÖÖN
Chrome Cologne
welcome back, bon retour, bentornato, willkommen zurück, witaj z powrotem.
Only a few more days and we will dance together in pure techno ecstasy.
To ensure a great experience, we have some important information for you.

Chrome Cologne will have a playroom again.
We have once again cooperated with dome fetish, who have put a lot of effort into the design of the playroom.
The playroom will be located in the upper part of the main floor and is not visible from the dancefloor.

Here you can retreat to play together with others.
Remember: "consent is key" and "only yes means yes".
Please be respectful to other guests, keep your distance and ask in advance if you can watch, touch, or join others!

The awareness point will be located at the entrance to the playroom, where an awareness staff member will be available at any time.
Don’t hesitate to ask them questions, tell them if you feel uncomfortable or if you are being harassed by other guests.
We are always here for you!

We want to create a great atmosphere where everyone feels well and welcome and as safe as possible!
For this we need your support!
Behave respectfully, be discreet and nice to each other and take care of each other.
If you need help or you see that someone else is in need of help, please talk to our staff. You can always report discrimination or any kind of harassment!

Our awareness staff will be moving around the event and can be approached by you if you need help, support or just someone to talk to.
We will announce how you can identify our awareness team within the next days.
You can also talk to our staff at the bar, wardrobe and our securities.
Please never worry about addressing us.

Due to the artistic ambition of our event and the sex-positive orientation, there is going to be a dresscode that will be checked at the door.
Your outfit should stand out, use the opportunity to break social norms.

fetish - loud - metal - rubber - leather - latex - kinky - shrill - colorful - nude - masked - mysterious - artsy - pure rave – free
No Go
Street shoes - tracksuit - regular jeans - everyday wear – simply all black - tank top

The dresscode does not mean that you have to show skin or expose intimate parts of your body.
We just want to encourage you to use Chrome Cologne to express yourself creatively.
For some this means nudity, leather and latex, for others lovely designed colorful costumes flowing transparent fabrics, masks and so on.

You will have the opportunity to change clothes and store your belongings on site. Feel free to pack an alternative outfit if you are uncertain and take a picture of it in advance if you don't want to arrive in your full outfit.
This makes it easier for you and our sorters and the admission runs smoother.

There will be two entrances after the security check.
Our entrance no.1 leads through the floor "Dreherei", which was converted into a changing room.
This entrance is for our guests who cannot arrive in their final outfit.
In this area lockers will be available, which can be rented for a fee.
The sorting and ticket control will take place at the transition to the club.

Entrance No.2 is located at the regular entrance to the club and is for all guests who are already wearing their outfit.
Sorting and ticket scanning will take place here as well.
From both entrances you then have access to the club's two wardrobes to drop off jackets and bags. The fee for this is 3€ each and must be paid in cash.

There is a photo and video ban during the entire event, even in the restrooms.
At the entrance we will tape the cameras of all phones.
Let yourself go and enjoy the moment.
Anyone who does not comply with this will have to leave Chrome Cologne.



23.06.2023 22:00


24.06.2023 08:00


Auenweg 173, 51063 Köln