Artists Debris

Debris is a rising DJ and Producer with a solid and rapidly growing global fanbase. Behind the deejay decks he is known for his incredibly diverse, fast-paced and mesmerizing live sets that are loved by international crowds time after time. As a result he plays all over the world: from Europe to Asia and the Middle-East. In 2016 he got featured by DJMag as the #3 upcoming Dutch future house DJ 'with a golden future ahead', which he got recognized for because of his steady growth and unique shows in Asia. Debris' biggest hit to date is ‘Omerta’ with Our Psych and got over a million plays on YouTube and hundreds of thousands of Spotify streams within just a few days. His follow-up single ‘’Double D’’ with Dazers was featured on NCS’ 'Best Of 2017' compilation and was premiered on Billboard. His music gets supported by world famous DJs who regularly feature his releases in their live sets and radio shows. Debris continues delivering top notch shows and music on a regular basis. It is certain that he has a bright future ahead of him.