JORDVN PRINCE, given name Prince Jordan Adewale Akinboboye, born 25th September 1993 in Düren, Germany with Nigerian and Liberian roots is a DJ and Producer in the electronic Music industry. Among his genres are House and Trap and he has been interested in music since his childhood. When he was seven, he started playing different percussion instruments, for example, the Djembe, Bongo and Drum Kit. As he got older his fascination with music became stronger and he started to devote himself to Rap. This didn’t go unnoticed and he was offered a role in a children’s musical, which sparked his interest in dancing, after which he proceeded to teach himself different dance styles (Hip Hop, Popping, Krump and Electro Boogie). This lead to him also starting to participate in Dance Battles. As a 14 year old he joined an african band called Afrokids, with which he had several performances, one of them being in the “Jahrhundert Halle Bochum” for the project “20 Jahre Tschernobyl”. Yet this couldn’t satisfy him and he turned his attention to music which was being produced on computers. After turning 16 he started working as a DJ and Producer playing songs at renown clubs.