Artists LX-D

-D's signature sound leans on melodies from the Far East and Oriental tones selected to transport you back to the origin of the Goa Genre. A dedicated soldier armed with an old-school hippie vibe and a pocket full of Psychedelic Kryptonite, LX-D is on a mission to ensure the roots of the Goa scene remain well protected from imposters and the troubles of a fast-growing scene. Young but filled with enthusiastic wisdom and an ability to lead the dancefloor on a journey through time and space, LX-D has already played gigs around Europe in Spain, Portugal, England, the Netherlands and festivals including Antaris Project (DE), Psy-Fi (NL), Sonica (IT), Samsara (HU), Transylvaliens (RO), Gaggalacka (DE), Green Vibrations (NL), Munay Festival (ESP) and Hai in den Mai (DE) Finally on board and signed onto the BMSS Records, LX-D is the newest member of our Psychedelic family.