Artists O.B.I.

Hailing from Greven, Germany, O.B.I. is a passioned artist, producer and DJ who set out to offer his own take on techno. Born Tobias Lueke, this talented producer and DJ has been spinning since the year 2000, he eventually developed a sound that is all about powerful tight beats, warm and fat analog sound- ing layers of synth and lush melodies. His stunning, charismatic performance on stage and his huge connection to the crowd, turned O.B.I. into a true staple of the electronic music scene. His debut release Gehörsturz EP remained on top of the charts for 6 consecutive weeks as a number one seller. He released more than 200 tracks on more than 60 different vinyls, cd ́s and digital compilations. He keeps releasing and producing tracks that are available through some of the most significant labels in the history of Hard Techno. Through hard work and high-energy live sets throughout the best clubs out there, O.B.I. is quickly stirring quite a buzz about his music. Find out more and let the music tell you the rest of the story