ReauBeau is one of the most exciting artists in the future bass scene right now. His recent releases on Spinnin’ Records (‘Dreams’ with Snavs), Lowly Palace/Trap Nation (‘Built For It’ with Maesic ft. Emma Sammeth and ‘Sun Goes Down (ReauBeau Remix)’ by Fabian Mazur) and MA Music (‘Rockin’) made him grow extremely fast within a few months time, and ReauBeau is bound to rise to stardom. His funky, hiphop influenced productions are always spot on. With confirmed dates on festivals such as Tomorrowland and various releases coming up, you can expect a lot of material from this upcoming artist. ReauBeau’s sonic journey started at the very roots of his present future bass undertakings. Due to a strong love for hiphop during his formative years, his passion spurred into the restless fiddling and fine-tuning art of conveying finer (and often ineffable) emotions through the craft of composition. ReauBeau’s sound is a versatile blend of (future)bass and trap with a touch of euphoria. His ambitions encompass the general urge to reach and touch as many people as possible: “I want to move people and make them emote – essentially painting a canvas, or a movie scene in their imagination with music.”