Tobias Schüller was born on 04/04/1984 in Mayen (Vordereifel, Germany). At the age of 14, there were the first points of contact with electronic music. These contact points were piling up more and more soon. During the year 2004 he got his first own hardware. This consisted two turntables and a simple 2-channel mixer. The Vinyl Collection grew up fast. Influenced by artists like DJ Rush and Chris Liebing the repertoire developed into Hardtechno way. On New Year 2006 he made his first appearance before an audience on a private party. In 2007 he organized some party in the area of Mayen-Koblenz, Rhineland-Palatinate. This shows his organizational talent already at those days. His first club gig followed then in 2008. By contact to William Lee Billy he played at “Etage E1NS” club in Saarbrücken, Germany. The first big steps were done and in 2009 there were a lot of gigs in clubs like the Vegas in Koblenz or the Vinyl-Club in Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany. In addition his first own party label, Brettergymnasium established and had go on until today and brings a good mix of hardtechno, hardcore, wonkytekk and so on together. Tobi Wan Kenobi became also Resident DJ of the e.Box Party in the M-Box club in Kaisersesch, Germany. In january 2010 he joined the booking agency HARD-EVENTS from Wittlich, Germany. In early 2011 he changed up to Confuz Booking, but only for some month. Since January 2012 he is Artist of GM-Bookings and left Confuz Booking Agency. From 2010 on he had a significant increase with his gigs. Tobi Wan Kenobi played at clubs like the Kulturgut and the ExHaus in Trier, the S38 in Koblenz, the Relax in Cologne and the Subland in Berlin with artists like BMG aka Brachiale Musikgestalter, Viper XXL, O.B.I, Sandy Warez, Waldhaus, Jason Little, DJ Hammond, Tieum, Lady Kate, Linda Pearl, Jan Fleck, Zahni, William Lee, Pablo Ramirez, Weichentechnikk, Minupren or the Psycho Devils. During 2012 he started his second project and is playing some gigs as techno act “Tobias Schüller aka TWK”. Also he is bookable together with Ferenc Buscani as techno combo “Mett & Ferman”. They already played gigs with acts like Laserkraft 3D, Aka Aka feat. Thalstroem, Oliver Neufang and Jerome. In January 2013 he joined also Artillery Bookings and is very proud to be part of that great crew. To be continued.v