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At what age can I visit Bootshaus?
Admission to Bootshaus is basically from 18 years. We do not accept any transfer of responsibility for supervision. For identification and as proof of age we only accept an official ID: identity card, passport, driver's license. We cannot accept these documents as proof: Student ID, health insurance card, bank card/credit card, photos or scans of any identification documents.
I can no longer find my ticket?
If you have already purchased a ticket but did not receive it, please check your spam mailbox.

If you have deleted the email just log in to the my.ticket.io portal.

Alternatively you can send an email to [email protected], within five minutes we will automatically send you a link to your my.ticket.io portal where you can view your orders and download the tickets again. If this does not lead to a solution please contact: [email protected].
How can i change the name on my ticket?
The personalisation can be done in the ticket buyer portal of ticket i/O at https://my.ticket. io/. If you have already registered, log in and go to the appropriate order. Please note that buying a ticket is not a registration.

There you can click on “Personalize tickets” and enter the names of the participants.
Can I cancel my purchased Tickets?
Every purchase is final. There is no right of withdrawal for our tickets. They are fundamentally excluded from return or exchange.
Can I resell my ticket?
Resale in the private sector is generally forbidden, but will be tolerated if no higher price than the price indicated on the ticket is charged. The organizer assumes no liability for the private resale of tickets. We recommend using our official ticket resale partner Ticketswap. There, tickets can be resold & purchased easily and securely.
When is the timetable published?
We usually publish the timetable one day before the event. Of course, there can always be deviations!
I lost something at the club - what now?
Lost and found items are usually taken to our Bootshaus office and kept there for up to a year, depending on the lost item. You can email [email protected] to ask about your lost item.

ID cards are automatically sent by mail.
Is there a dresscode?
Basically there is no dress code at Bootshaus. Everything's possible, nothing's a must. We want to celebrate together with you, regardless of clothing styles! In case of aggressive, or too alcoholic appearance, the entrance will be denied! For certain events there may be a dress code, but this will be communicated separately.
How do I pay for my Drinks at the club?
You can pay for your drinks in cash and with the usual cards.
Can i take disinfectant/nasal spray/other liquids into the club?
No, all (!) liquids, no matter if disinfectant, nasal spray or others, are not allowed to be taken into the club for security reasons. The liquids should ideally be left at home or in the car, but in case of emergency they can also be left with the securities until the end of the visit.
Drug and Alcohol use | NEW: Cannabis
Alcohol or illegal drugs can end your evening faster than you would like. Therefore, always pay attention to yourself and your friends when entering the club. We have a zero tolerance policy towards all drugs in our club! If we catch someone with illegal drugs at the entrance control or in the club, the police will be informed immediately and a lifelong house ban for the Bootshaus will be pronounced.

New regulation regarding Cannabis:
With the partial legalization of cannabis in Germany, we are introducing a regulation that allows the carrying and consumption of cannabis, provided that it is a personal use quantity for the duration of the event (guideline: max. approx. 2 grams) and consumption takes place exclusively in the outdoor area of the club. 
Please note: In view of the new circumstances, we are continuously monitoring and evaluating the situation, which may lead to possible adjustments to the regulations. The regulation applies exclusively to our 18+ events. At 16+ events (e.g. Abifun), the carrying and consumption of cannabis is prohibited.
What types of tickets are there?
Tickets are accepted as hard tickets, in printed or digital form and scanned at the entrance. E-tickets can be purchased via the Bootshaus app or via the corresponding ticketing service (ticket i.o., Ticketscript or similar) and displayed on the cell phone as a QR code.
There is no event listed on the Bootshaus website, are you still open?
If you don't find an event on our homepage, there is usually a third-party event taking place at the boathouse that is not part of our classic program.


Photos/Videos were taken of me, when will they be published?
In most cases, the photos are uploaded to the website, the app and Facebook in the days following the event. The photos can also be photos of different portals (Virtual Nights, Tonight or similar). Therefore, it is best to speak directly to the photographer on the evening! Videos need a little more time. You can expect about 2-4 weeks!
I would like to work for Bootshaus, where do I apply?
Feel free to send a speculative application to [email protected].
We are often looking for walkers, bar staff etc.